9 Steps for Hanging Your Flags Properly

9 Steps for Hanging Your Flags Properly

Flags are a great way to show your patriotism, but there is an art to hanging them correctly. Hanging your flags properly can be a tricky and tedious task. That’s why I’ve put together these simple steps, so it doesn’t tangle or droop on the pole.

Find the centre of your pole by measuring from one end to the other, then dividing this measurement in half again to find where the middle is. This will be where you attach your flag holder.

Now that you know where the middle is, measure up two feet from it and mark both sides of the pole at this height using some marker or string. These marks will show you how high off the ground each side needs to hang so they’re even with each other and perpendicular to their respective edges.

Use something like twine or rope to attach your holder to either end of your pole. You may need something strong enough to support the weight of your flags, but nothing too heavy if you don’t want it to start bending your pole.

Use the marks you made earlier to measure out a length of rope from each side that’s long enough to hang below the holders and still be at that one-third mark on the pole (don’t forget to add in an extra foot or two for any knots).

Tie off each end so they will be even when they hang. *Note: * The rope is not meant to support the weight of your flags. Just give you something to hold onto while you’re doing this.

Once you’ve tied off each end, start threading each side through its respective holder until you have it pulled entirely through. You might need to do this with one hand since you’re holding onto your pole with the other. (https://aaneslandtre.no)

Now that your flags are hanging, gently pull on each side again until they meet in the middle over top of the pole. If you did this correctly, you should now have both sides at that one-third mark, and the centre of your flag will be perfectly centred on top of the pole. (https://aaneslandtre.no/rekkverk)

While holding onto the ropes of each side (to hold them as tight as possible), use a wrench or pliers to tighten up any knots if necessary. (https://aaneslandtre.no/flaggstenger)

Hang your wind-catcher in the middle of your flag to show it off proudly. *Note: You may need to play around with how tight each side is before you tie your knots, so they are even, but make sure there’s enough slack for the flags to flutter when the wind blows. *

In the article above, we’ve outlined nine steps for hanging your flags correctly. We Have put together these simple steps to help you avoid the hassle. Whether you’re using rope or twine to hang your National flag, make sure it’s long enough so that both sides will reach the one-third mark on the pole. It would be best to double-check how tight each side of your ropes are before tying off any knots, as this will ensure everything hangs even from side to side. Once all four corners are in place, use a wrench or pliers, if necessary, to tighten up any knots but don’t make them too tight! Add an additional foot or two for safety precautions just in case something comes loose while flying high with Old Glory.